Transaction problems with clustered Quartz invoking via JMX.

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Transaction problems with clustered Quartz invoking via JMX.

Marcos Lois Bermúdez-2

I'm setup Quartz 1.8.3 to run in Weblogic 10.3 in clustered mode, using JobStoreCMT, i enable org.quartz.scheduler.jmx.export so i can access quartz scheduler via JMX.

The problem is that i start a test job via cronTtrigger, this job only print a message to the log, but when i try to cancel or make any operation via JMX, the job stops for a while and restart again, after some reading docs and source code, it seems that all operation within scheduler needs to be enclosed into a transaction, but when invoke via JMX no transaction is present, so the operation expose extrange beabior.

I make a call to scheduler from a EJB within transaction and it work great.

My next try was make a proxy for QuartzSchedulerMbeanImpl that enclose the calls to scheduler within a transaction, but i can't finally make it work due to lack access to QuartzSheduler internal instance of the core.

My doubt is this problem know? I search in Jira but can't find anything, so for my particular project would be great if i can cancel and remove jobs via JMX.


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