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[quartznet:4146] How to call function/method from Quartz

Freesix Fr

Hi, I'm using your product but you only provide C# example, NOT VB.Net although.

I have a small concern which is I'm using VB.Net and want to call a VB method from Quartz scheduling instead of opening a File/EXE...

I know that many examples describe about how to open file/application and so on which is external to .NET ... but I want to call something internal (vb/c# function/method)

How can i do that please? is it possible?

Please see below (VB Method)

// define the job and tie it to our HelloJob class IJobDetail job = JobBuilder.Create<HelloJob>() .WithIdentity(MyMethod(), "group1") .Build();

Sub MyMethod()

    MsgBox("Working !!!")

End Sub

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